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Chat instead of a conversation
My Insurance company does not want me to talk to someone on the telephone. They prefer to provide "interactive chat".

They do this because one agent can "chat" with multiple customers.

Sadly, this means I have to wait a long time between message turnarounds.

It takes 15 - 120 seconds between the time I type something and when the agent responds.

In a telephone conversation this is < 1 second which means it can take 100 times longer to get something done through "Chat" than with a telephone conversation.

I realize some VP got big kudos for rolling out live chat and that it seems to improve the cost structure of the company but this is a misnomer because although the agent may have 5 chats going, it takes 10-100 times longer to resolve each.

And (although it does not matter) the customer experience is worse with the chat.

The mistake is thinking that Customers do not matter.

Sadly, so many companies do this it has become the norm.

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